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Bridging cultures with handicrafts to relieve poverty and maintain the arts

Welcome to Sankara Imports

We strongly believe in the power of ideas and art to foster social impact and mutual understanding.

Sankara Imports is an ethically traded shop full of treasures from India, Nepal, and Turkey. With every piece in the shop carefully selected by Katey or Francesca, working directly with artisans.

Through our ethics focused approach, Sankara is able to bring you beautiful, unique pieces at affordable prices that you can feel good in and about. 

Our Shops

Bothell – US

Join us in Main Street Bothell and find a world of captivating treasures from India, Nepal, and Turkey.

Belper – UK

Find us in the heart of King Street with two floors full of treasures. Why not pop in for a free cup of chai and see the murals in our hidden garden courtyard?

Meet the Artisans

All the treasures, art, and handicrafts in our shops are ethically made and hand selected by Francesca or Katrina – travelling throughout India, Nepal, and Turkey, working directly with the artists.

By doing so, not only does Sankara bring you the best we can find, but we also ensure safe working conditions, fair payment for the work, and maintain the ability to bring you fabulous treasures at the best prices. 

Charitable Partners

Sankara Imports is proud to offer support to a number of charities in India and Nepal. Five percent of each purchase is donated to our charity of the month as well as an additional five percent to charities who have crafted the products you purchase.

Ready to explore India or Turkey?

Find out more about Sankara’s Tours to meet our artisans, explore incredible locations and with expert guides for peace of mind.

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