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Bridging cultures to relieve poverty and maintain the arts

Our Story

Francesca lived for a number of years in India. During that time, she travelled extensively throughout the country, falling in love, not only with the people and the culture, but with the exquisite handicrafts and art she found.

When she moved back to Bothell, she looked for a reason to continue traveling and discovering all that India has to offer. So, she asked her Daughter, Katrina, to help her open a small imports shop featuring the handicrafts they would discover on their travels. So, in 2012, Sankara Imports was born. In the following years, and on following adventures, items found in Turkey and Nepal were also added to the shop.

More than Retail

Not content with the typical retail model, Sankara Imports was established with the aim to promote social good through handicrafts. All the treasures, art, and handicrafts in the shop are ethically made and hand selected by Francesca or Katrina. They travel throughout India, Nepal, and Turkey to work directly with the artists who make the pieces in the shop. 

By working with the artists directly, not only does Sankara bring you the best we can find, but we also ensure safe working conditions, fair payment for the work, and maintain the ability to bring you fabulous treasures at the best prices. Follow the link below to find out more about the artists we stock.

In addition to working with the artists to maintain an ethical relationship, Sankara Imports is proud to offer support to a number of charities in India and Nepal. 

These charities support children, women, and education. And, of course, the Desi Dog rescue which brought Kavi and Leela to the shop. Five percent of each purchase is donated to the charity of the month, and if one of those charities produced the art, an additional five percent is donated back to that charity as well.

As an imports shop with a heart, Sankara is dedicated to bringing the best of India, Nepal, and Turkey to you

Our Team

  • Francesca


    Francesca lived for a number of years in Mumbai and Delhi. She fell in love with India and its handicrafts. You’ll find her most often in the Bothell shop to help you find whatever you need.    
  • katrina


    Katrina is often working behind the scenes and traveling to find the best handicrafts for the shop. She splits her time between Belper, Bothell, and India.    
  • kavi


    Kavi was born on the streets of New Delhi in 2012. He likes naps, routine, and playing on the beach.  
  • leela


    Leela was born in New Delhi in 2016. She loves life, snacks, and playing with everyone who comes into the shop!    

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